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I love your eyes! (your last post) Hope someday i'll meet you :)

I don’t think I’ve actually purposefully met up with someone from tumblr…

I don’t think I’m adverse to the idea, in fact now that we are planning on visiting America sometime next year (MAYBE) there may be a list of people that I will need to hunt down… for a hugglepounce of course!

No question: Introspection is essential and mindfulness is important. It's best to turn off your automatic pilot and become deliberate about life. But why is Kevin so blue? True, the face is "broodingly" handsome. Are you simply buried---mired?---in the stuff of life? (Funny, depression rates/suicides are rising despite our having “more” of everything). Us geezers have to remember: life is becoming just too short to wait/hope for “someday.” Be happy NOW. (Mmmmm, where are my Prozacs...?).

A deep anon… What an interesting variation on the species!

Unfortunately you are right, I do suffer from depression and anxiety and quite often retreat into my shell to protect myself and others from the spectacularly dark moods that come from it. Its interesting to think that it may come across in my photos.

People have asked me before why I don’t smile very often in photos and the boring (yet simple) answer is that I don’t really like my smile…

Oh… and I’m only 30… *grins wickedly*

woah dude, great blog! (also um you are super attractive)


You know you cant really just go around saying things that make me blush like that!

…but thank you.

*still blushing*



The Major Arcana - Potential layout design

Now that I have completed the base sigil designs for the Major Arcana for my Tarot deck I am looking to place them into the correct format for printing. Attached is just one of the potential layout design that I am testing out.

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

Feel free to watch the progress from concept to completion here.

These are so gorgeous, and the concept is so unique for a deck! They remind me of transmutation circles. I hope this is going to be available for purchase some day? o:

Interesting question…

With the deck only two card away from completion what would you expect to pay for a complete set of these cards?

I’m considering having a limited number of decks made up.

Feel free to send a message to my inbox if your interested.

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Sigil Tarot Update - The Page design…

Apologies for the delay. Its been ages since I posted any of the designs I’ve been doing.

This is still a work in progress, but at least I’m starting to get something down for the rough design. Will most likely continue to tweak these last four designs over the coming weeks, but at least with this one in rough concept I’m down to just two cards before the complete deck is done. So close!

You can see the progress of this Sigil Tarot deck here.


I think taking portraits or dirty pics of yourself is a really great tool for overcoming certain types of body-image issues. like, force yourself to see your body as a stranger. Get out of your own head, and find things about your body you actually really like and focus on those areas. You don’t even need to share the pics for it to be helpful. Just do it for you, be your own model, and invest time in becoming friends with your own body. 


People ask me “If you’re so shy and have social anxiety, why do you post so many photos of yourself?”

For me, it’s mostly around breaking down the crippling negative self image I have and reinforcing positive scripts in my head.

I quite often have awful thought scripts that focus on all of my flaws and failings (and believe me I have quite a long list) and how I’m not good enough for people to find me sexy or how stupid my smile is or how my writing is immature or how I’m not intelligent enough to communicate properly or how utterly afraid I am of… well basically everything.

Earlier this year I made a decision that while I couldn’t stop being afraid all the time I could stop allowing my fear to make decisions for me. It has been incredibly challenging and I have to admit that being forced out of my comfort zone has often left me running for the isolated sanctuary of my bedroom.

But it’s also allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person. I can look back at the last six months and I can already see that I’m a much stronger and better person than I was back then.

I am still fighting a daily battle against the thoughts in my head that try to convince me that the gap between who I am today and who I want to be is too big for me to traverse.

Some days I win, some days the negative thoughts do. But every day I get a little bit stronger and those thoughts get a little less louder and seem a little less true.

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Achievement Unlocked: First public sighting by a fan…

A lovely guy came up to me today in the city, introducing himself as a big fan of this blog and the content I post.

*Insert awkward social flailing and hardcore blushing*

I’m so sorry, it was the first time it’s happened to me and I was completely unprepared for it! I still can’t believe that someone even remembered me let alone felt compelled to introduce themselves to me!!!

Please make sure to drop me a line on here and introduce yourself as I swear I’m actually quite lovely and fully capable of stringing together full sentences. *blushes again at the memory.