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And now for a follow up question…

In a BDSM relationship do you think people should have to prove they are worth your love?

Clearly we don’t feel the same way about all the people in our lives, so either consciously or subconsciously our emotional attachment to the individual people around us can be differentiated on a spectrum.

I’m interested in how we do this, particularly interested in views around the bonds between a dominant and submissive.

For instance should a submissive prove they are worthy of receiving love from a dominant? Should a dominant prove they are worthy of receiving the love of a submissive?

Is it a question of worth at all?

(Source: kevinreader)

Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback on todays question. I am still going through them all and working through a post in my head. Tomorrows question may actually bring a little more context for where I am going with this….